I don't say anyone can do these peaks, you still have to train before you go, but they are the easiest to start. If you're serious about climbing some of the best mountains in the world, you might get worse than starting with these 5.

Fuji Mount - Japan

This is quite spectacular to look at, one of the few mountains worldwide that stands at over 12,388 ft. It would help if you had a guide, but a novice can easily climb up and down in about eight hours. Mount Fuji is open only two months a year, so please ensure you book July and August in advance. Probably one of the easiest mountains to climb and a great beginning if you hike.

Mont Blanc - border France/Italy

Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain of the Alps, at 15780 feet above sea level. There are numerous routes on both the French and Italian sides to go up this peak with their challenges. A beginner can travel a lot easier, and this is an excellent way to build the endurance required for more of the bigger peaks to come. Before climbing to the summit, it takes approximately two days to sleep in huts up and down the mountains.

Elbrus Mount - Russia

The highest mountain in Europe stands at 18,510 feet, but the ascent itself begins around 12,000 ft. Summer is the best time to climb this mountain as unpredictable winter weather could prevent this. It takes two days to complete the climb, so that a beginner who wants to get used to changing temperatures during an upgrade is ideal.

Morocco, Jbel Toubkal

This is one of the easiest mountains to climb worldwide. It is only two days to reach its heights on a beautiful day of sunshine. The summit can be run throughout the year, but the summer months are least likely to have adverse weather conditions. What you receive with this climb is an excellent landscape along the way and a wonderful view of the top.

Mountain Kinabalu - Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu is Southeast Asia's highest mountain at 13,455 ft. It is an awesome climb for the novice, used to the changing temperatures and endurance required for a mountain climb. Two days are needed from the base camp to the top with the use of guides. Several routes test the more developed climber, but most go to Low to see the sunrise. It also offers one of the most beautiful views, with the tropical climate at sunrise ideal for wide views.

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