Make sure you agree with yourself before you go on that date. You don't want to be caught up in the fight against a decision when you have to make a decision. Decide in advance what your behaviours and situations are acceptable and what they are not. As long as you are comfortable and feel that these limits are not broken, you can relax and flow with what is going on. However, once a line is crossed, you have to be ready to take control of yourself rather than go along with something uncomfortable, unacceptable or dangerous.

You are probably nervous when you're new to someone, and knowing what your limits are can help you be safe and make the connection a good start if you have decided your limits in advance and have a good idea of how you'd handle it if a border has been crossed means you know what to do already and don't need to find answers on the spot. It's beneficial if you're nervous, excited or not thinking. Usually, I advise you to face it as soon as possible because you have so many hints that you do not get through the phone, text, email, or video. However, these times are not regular, and we take shelter, so face to face, unless you risk getting in six feet. Keep in mind that people cannot be infected and don't know, so be extra careful. Online dating is the best choice because you can connect via video, telephone, text and email. Meetings face to face should be postponed until sequestering is done. Remember, while most people are genuine, some bad actors can make things fake and mislead you. Some examples of clear, healthy limits for you in a new relationship are: • Decide how to stay safe with social distance and wear a mask. If you are uncomfortably weaving a cover, deciding that you will wear one in advance (you may choose to match your equipment, be artistic, or make a statement) means that you are safe and show your health care date. Take the mask off and then put it back on if you will drink or eat something. In most places, you'll always need a cover.

• Decide how much and what to eat or drink. This prevents you from drinking or eating things that are incorrect because you feel caught on the date. For example, if your date tells us that you are not familiar with a restaurant, it will be more convenient to know your preferences for food and drinks in advance.

• Decide not to get into a car with someone you met, and you don't know well. This means you are not subjected to drunken driving, bad behaviour or misconduct with a stranger.

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