I admit that the title of this programme, "Unlock your legs," is mentally provocative and excites many people's minds. If you are looking for the perfect steps to win a woman, you should invest your time in this programme. Most men admit to being with the girl of their dreams; they can give away all in their possession. While it may look like the perfect bait, the harsh truth is it never works like that. If you find it challenging to have a girl with whom you can have a sexual relationship, some stuff may be wrong.

What's the programme Unlock Her Legs?

The technique of the scrambler

Perhaps you have noticed that some guys seem to be ladies' natural magnets. Every time a man is in the presence of women, they are always appealed to him. Armstrong Murali illustrates what a lady's attraction takes and how women can be seduced quickly. One of the things they suggest is that you change the way you talk to ladies. They teach you how to gain a woman and how to play with the mind of the lady and get you to need more. Confident guys were born with this technique, but you can unlock it with the help of an expert in most cases.

Create the Flex Chase

Conventional wisdom informs us that it is men who chase women constantly. How could it feel if it was the opposite way? It may be magical if a warm girl chases you, and you can do this with the following techniques.

  • Apply insecurity. Most people who pose like relationship experts will tell you that you should be open when chasing your dream girl. However, this won't work if you look for stupid tips on winning a woman. There should be some insecurity in your relationship so that the lady always thinks about you. She will always try and learn more and be ready to spend more time with you.
  • Power. Some men are taken away by the wave and hand control over to the woman they chase. Do not lose control just because you are in the presence of a lady out of your league, you believe. Ladies want to be safe and adored, and they will never open their legs for you when you lose this power.
  • Validation. Women want someone to guide them in taking some decisions. The guide tells you how to get your wife's approval. This system also trains you to avoid your girl's support and make her think or believe that your selection is always perfect.
  • Anticipation. Your girl is getting in the rhythm and anticipating every move/step you make. She won't be sure of what you will do next, which makes her appeal to you. This is a very efficient strategy because it rapidly turns the sex switch in her mind.


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