Can you use the law of attraction to make money manifest? Absolutely! I would imagine that 99.9% of all those who discover the law of attraction did so out of their inherited desire to show their lives money. This is not because money is the most critical aspect of life itself. Their lack of money is the most common excuse not to live the life we want. As stated on this website, the full use of and management of the law of attraction requires a high level of awareness. Whether you want money or a cup of coffee, this is true. The difference is that the cup of coffee is so easy for us to access and readily available that we are mentally prepared for it. You had a hundred cups of coffee, so why couldn't you produce one right now? Whereas it doesn't seem so easy for most people out there to manifest money.

The truth is, it's all thought. There must first be thought before anything is created or experienced. Thoughts lead to sentiments, feelings become moods, customary emotions or responses, and thoughts become "believers" in your subconscious. Through exposure and repetition, beliefs can be learned, programmed and altered over time. It takes a great deal of work to programme your subconscious, but it can be done successfully and works wonders if it is done successfully. The subconscious is the most powerful operating system globally and is your direct connection to the universe. The subconscious (among other things) is responsible for sending the signals or "quests" from you into the world, giving you what you want! Your mind is a machine for manifestation, and it runs on faith.

Consider your current situation. With what money beliefs have you been raised? The people around you, your family, friends, and colleagues have similar thoughts and views about money, their ability to earn money, and their feelings for those who have money. What does this tell you? What does this tell you? It just emphasises that, for better or worse, you are operating in an unconscious money belief system that is insufficient!

In addition, you naturally attracted an entire network of people around you, who unwittingly strengthen these limiting beliefs for you. That leaves you wanting more. This is good because you have to want to manifest anything first, and to show money is no exception! This does not mean that your friends and family are, at all costs, your enemies. It just means that you never knew that your limited financial situation resulted from your low-level system of economic belief. Because you were born, raised and are now surrounded by it!

It is therefore entirely possible to manifest money, to be precise. It's not even that hard (it's harder to decide what you want in life!). To show cash, however, you first have to identify and change your limiting money beliefs. Why? Because wealth, joy, happiness, health, security, excitement are born in your mind first and foremost as thoughts and ideas! Since you will never feel love for wealth later if you can't feel love for wealth now. Because if all you think is helpless insufficiency that is constantly broken, then all you do is an appeal to! This is step one if you want to manifest money.

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