The issue of money may be discussed more than any other topic. The reason is not far-reaching. Modern trade has no tool or vehicle other than money to operate. There is no market on earth in which money for its transactions is not required.

Because of the importance of money, many of the wars fought and still fought have cash. Marriages broke up due to money. Suicides and assassinations for money have been committed. Churches and other religious groups formed splinter groups because someone wants to control the church's treasury, not necessarily to incentivise accountability and transparency but to have direct access to money. Board meetings have degenerated into cheap politics and money boots. The list of concerns caused by money is endless.

Below are some secret financial facts that help you succeed in your legitimate pursuit of wealth:

1. Money Can Grow: those who have legitimately made money and by themselves will tell you that, with some 'peanuts' called seed capital, they began their journeys to prosperity. They have made money mainly because they know how to feed money to grow. Jim Rohn once said you should pity a man who, without first being a millionaire in the heart, inherits a million dollars. Look around you today: how many people have been able to keep or grow money through inheritance?

A business journal once had a post where people had to choose between ten million dollars and one hundred dollars, which could double for 45 days. Many readers chose 10,000,000 dollars in their reply to the poser in the following publication of the journal. It was later discovered that in 45 days, one cent would be more than $360,000,000.00. The morale of the poser is that no little money is available. The money we despise for its value/size today can become very important if we use it well. Many people have tinkered away so-called loose change that could have grown and made them rich over time. The capital market is a factual basis for the massive growth of money. There was a storey about an official who has invested in shares throughout his public service career. When he handed on his claims, his children inherited a princely $625,000.00. The sage could have spent money on shares in pepper soup joints, as they were of small value, but they saw what they grew up with time.

2. Money Can Move: money flows to where viable ideas exist just as electricity flows to a less resistant path. Someone once said that if every single human being in the world were gathered and distributed equally, the funds would, after some time, be re-distributed to their original owners almost in the same way as before the even distribution was made.

Henry Ford (the man who made his wealth from affordable cars for Americans) said that he would come up with another money-spinner if his money and business were all lost in a mishap. You can turn any situation in which you find yourself into an opportunity to make legitimate money if you know how to cause money to move forward.

If a man is poor and blessed with talented and wise children, his poverty cannot remain perpetual because money will eventually move in his direction through his children. I can't imagine the rest of his life starving Bill Gates' father. Why? Because his whiz kid's son has moved money to his family.

Conversely, suppose a man is financially well off, and stupid children succeed him, who refuse to learn how to make money and to make money but rather spend his heritage. In that case, the wealth of their father becomes history soon, as money can move away.

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