For years a debate has taken place over whether or not money will make you happy, online or offline?

I thought I'd explore the idea and see what I could come up with in my own life. This isn't an article about making money, but it's about what we do with the money once we make it.

"If people are honest about making money, which means that they create and provide a real value product or service to offer others, the process itself brings happiness rather than the money." - Steven Scott. - Steven Scott.

What is the value of money? How do you think he looks at the money if you are Bill Gates? If you were a starving child in Africa, how would you look at the money in direct contrast? Would the child even know what money and power are?

What I'm trying to show, I suppose, is that each of us has our idea of whether or not money makes us happy. Like a hungry child, every penny you have can make a difference between life and death. For Microsoft's Mr Bill Gates, money is no problem, except in taxation. Lol Bill Gates is a philanthropist for those of you who don't know; he gives his money to improve the lives of such children and so on.

I had ups and downs in my life regarding the amount of money in my wallet. For most people, I'm sure that was the same. You've got good and bad years. I considered money necessary, but not the best part of life. I've learned that my lovely wife, friends, family and pets mean more for me than any amount I can ever hold in my hands. ( My wife read this last paragraph and said I just got a lot of brownie points. lol)

Does money make folks insane? All we have to do in history is look at the Gold Rush to get a reply. People left it all and went to the golden fields to try and make it rich. For decades, the pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow is in folklore. As a young boy, I remember trying to find the end of a rainbow and cycle across the fields in a mad race to reach the pot of Gold. Even now, thinking back to the young abandonment, it makes me smile. And, no, I can never catch the rainbow's end. Lol, Although I see the rainbow getting closer and closer when it comes to the make money online game.

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