Learn how to think like a millionaire, start thinking like a millionaire, and become a magnet of money, quick money, and a millionaire.

- The foundation of your success, Self Image.

More likely, someone you know about or heard about has already spent so much money and energy trying to make money quickly, get rich and be a millionaire.

That man tried to make money online, make money at home, and make money at eBay and work at home. He (or she) has tried several ways to become a money magnet, a successful moneymaker, a financial success and a lot of wealth. When they thought about making vast sums of money, they purchased real estate, investment and business opportunities programmes.

Just as the GREAT majority of those who tried these undertakings were miserable!They will continue to fail unless they learn the closely guarded "secret" of millionaires, multimillionaires, and billionaires. (You might want to read my previous article entitled "Conversation with a millionaire and How To Think As a Millionaire" about a true storey with names changed to protect the privacy of the two people involved in this fascinating conversation.)

These people don't know that when Napoleon Hill wrote "think and grow rich" in his best-seller that "everything the mind can understand and believe, the mind can do", he declared that every individual CREATING REALITY through his beliefs in the subconscious.

These beliefs form the self-image of the person. The key to success is self-image. Self-Image is the key to developing the coveted millionaire mind, enabling you to become a successful moneymaker, a money magnet, make money fast, become wealthy and become a millionaire.

It's all about faith. You create your reality by believing in your so-called subconscious mind (a Subconscious Computer.)

The "materialisation" of those beliefs as your physical reality is your world.

The triste reality is that most people are trying to change things from the outside. In simpler words, they cannot realise that they create their physical realities throughout the day by (1) holding the beliefs in their unconscious computers and (2) keeping the thoughts they constantly consider as DIRECT CONSEQUENCE.

This means they need to reflect their predominant beliefs, mainly beliefs in lack, scarcity and limitation.

Therefore, as long as they are in the beliefs of their subconscious mind in poverty and lack, they will continue to think about little thoughts of 'poverty' that will attract more people and create the same: more lack, scarcity and constraints.

If this is not enough, and to make things worse, those convictions and thoughts automatically produce feelings, attitudes and behaviours that guarantee that the individual continues to FAIL.

If the person does not change drastically, what he believes, what he thinks about all day, and how they feel about these things, they will do everything necessary to ensure that they FAILL. And all will become difficult in the financial field. All that has to do with money will become a real struggle!

Beliefs are the actual CAUSE of what we create and attract. We can, therefore, accurately state that beliefs are the cornerstones of our reality.

The self-image consists of thousands of different but consistent convictions.

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