When you your tools bag, your tick list probable consists of the standard tools and emergency equipment, masks, fins, regulator and one of these kits with some more o-rings, neoprene patches and regulator mouthpieces. Here are some more matters that you could throw into your tools bag as a way to make your dive greater comfortable, confident, and safe.

Citrus beverages

When I surface, the primary component I need to do is get the flavor of ocean out of my mouth. As a good deal as I admire the odor of the ocean and the salty air, I’m now no longer so passionate about having it on my tongue. Water is refreshing, however I locate that I can drink some liters of bottled water and nonetheless flavor the remnants of the ocean in my mouth.

After experimenting with dozens of beverage candidates, I locate that Five Alive is hands-down the high-quality remedy for oceanmouth. Other citrus juices are good, however none are pretty as powerful as Five Alive. The higher ones have been people who comprise acidic juices like pineapple and grapefruit.

The juice serves every other purpose: rehydration. It appears counterintuitive that spending an hour submerged in water can motive dehydration, however it’s true. The air to your tanks may be very dry – always so, given that moisture in a tank will rust it from the inside. Just inhaling that dry air for an hour will silently dehydrate you. Drink some thing while you get returned to the boat and you could keep away from the signs of dehydration along with headache, nausea and dizziness.

Long-sleeved rashgard or cotton blouse

Did you already know that the chemical compounds in sunscreen are toxic to reef-living marine life? You want to defend your pores and skin from the dangerous consequences of UV radiation, however you don’t need to slather at the SPF lotion earlier than your dive. Cover up the old school manner with a cotton blouse or a long-sleeved rashguard. 

Laminated Dive Table Chart

Are you depending on your computer? Go returned and evaluate your certification education and discover ways to calculate your residual nitrogen the usage of tables. Computers are excellent tools, however it behooves each diver to bear in mind a way to manipulate their nitrogen tiers with out gadgetry.

A “dry bag”

A dry bag needn’t be whatever fancy – cheaper baggage with resealable flaps are to be had at maximum tenting or marine deliver stores. They don’t want to be watertight to a hundred ft – because you go away them at the boat to your tools bag. My favourite is a shiny yellow, rubber bag with a pinnacle that folds over 3 instances and tucks into itself for an smooth watertight seal. Many divers on a price range will use plenty of disposable resealable freezer baggage.

In my dry bag, I maintain:

• Tissues – a necessity. After purging my masks some instances, my sinuses get rebellious. 

• Cotton Swabs – a few mild interest to get the water out of my ears.

• A photocopy of my identification & passport – simply in case

• Band-aids – due to the fact I stub my ft on boats

• Everything that become in my pockets – Before wearing my wetsuit, my dry bag (through distinctive feature of its sealability) is a great vicinity to maintain a mobileular telecellsmartphone, camera, wallet, jewelry, automobile keys, etc.

Tell a person in which you're going and who you’re with.

Make this a habit, so that you don’t want to be involved while an emergency arises. 

First, ensure the dive operator is aware of who you're, in which you're staying, and who to touch in case of an emergency. If you're injured at some stage in a dive, the dive operators would possibly whisk you immediately to the closest hospital, clinical hospital or decompression chamber. If the clinical workforce can’t decide your identity, it is able to complicate your clinical interest.

Second, inform a person who isn’t diving with you in which you're going. That might be others to your party, the motel concierge, or a telecellsmartphone name to a relative returned home. Tell them the call of the dive shop, your destination, the departure time and predicted go back time to your dive excursion. If you already know it, encompass the names of the boat, its captain, and divemaster. If you're visiting on my own or diving in a group, write the statistics down and go away it with the motel office. If your motel is close to a famous diving spot, they may be used to that form of component.

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